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[community profile] minutemen is a semi-open Touken Ranbu musebox maintained by [personal profile] eskimo. It's a place for my friends and me to play out a general PSL about a certain group of sword spirits at a certain citadel.

The idea is, a lot of us are doing a lot of meme and few-shot PSL but aren't able to carry a lot of our character development around because we're so scattered. So this is a place where we can have some consistent character development without actually being in a full game. No commitment, super chill, go at your own pace, but get to come back and keep all of your character development and relations.

The format here will consist of seasonal open posts with the occasional special meme and event in between.

There is an activity check but it's just a check in that will be held once every month or two to see if you're still interested in playing around! It's okay if you haven' posted in the last month or w/e. This is meant to be really chill while some of us are in games so just comment to let us know you're still interested.

Multiples are allowed because this is meant to be a low key, chillaxed structured musebox kind of deal.

This sandbox is semi-open which means it's open to all of my friends but if any of you have friends you want to invite, they're welcome to join. Membership isn't required to post so they can comment on the catch-all or roster posts. If I don't have their contact information though, it's on you to remind your friend when check-in's go up!

Generically located in the Japanese countryside, the citadel is situated in the mountains, isolated from much of the world. At the base of the citadel's particular mountain, there is a small town that isn't known for much besides farming. If the swords go to the right place on the mountain, they can see the fields during the day and the scattered lights at night.

Some times, locals will come hiking up the mountain or to visit a few shrines and temples further down the mountain but they never actually make it up to the citadel. There is a local bus that comes up the mountain a couple of times during the day but the actual bus stop is still a considerable walk from the citadel.

The citadel itself is a little run down due to being neglected for years until the swords moved in but they've managed to fix it up! It's very old and much more traditional which makes it easier for the swords to use but there are also some more modern amenities around like an old television or two and a landline phone. By 2205 standards, the place is ancient but by the swords standards, it probably feels very familiar with a few small differences.

Besides the secretary sword who is the designated leader when it comes to sorties, there's also an attendant sword who basically manages the citadel, the attendant is responsible for giving out the saniwa's orders and basically making sure the place doesn't implode while they're away. The attendant and secretaries change frequently depending on the needs, tasks, and availability of others at the citadel so everyone will have a chance to be one or the other at some point. Of course, if you play a more reliable sword, they'll probably be assigned the role more frequently than those that may or may not have destroyed the entire kitchen.

There are spirits in the forest around the citadel. Most of the spirits are harmless, especially near the citadel but if you go deep into the woods, you might run into a more powerful one or two. Think nature spirits and maybe the occasional small-time god. Most spirits will stay away from the citadel. It seems whatever keeps people away keeps them away too.

The saniwa is soon to be sixteen year old girl named Hana. She's a local from the nearby town. Her family manages a temple in the town and spiritual powers have run in her family for generations. In light of the war, she was recruited to become a saniwa sage and focused on her training. As a result, she's very behind in school.

A responsible, kind, and caring saniwa, she looks out for her sword army and makes sure they're taken care of. However, due to her other responsibilities as a student and the only child to her aging parents, she isn't always at the citadel. During the school year, she's away most weekdays though she makes sure to stop and check on the citadel once or twice a week and stay a few weekends. She's a busy girl so she relies on her secretaries and attendants to manage the citadel when she's away.

During vacation periods and holidays, she's at the citadel much more frequently and stays for several days at a time.

Basically, she's a pretty generic saniwa type that isn't always at the citadel. Feel free to reasonably assume anything about her.

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