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Before winter hits in full blast, it's time to celebrate. Everyone's been fixing up the citadel for the past month and what do they have to show for it? A gorgeous citadel they can finally call home. Sure, it might not be perfect yet (there are still a few stray spirits trying to test them) but it's nothing that can't be fixed later. There's plenty of food to go around and for the first time all month there's more than enough alcohol to get Jirou everyone through the night.

2. STAY WARM (I just wanna cuddle)
It happened gradually so the swords should have seen it coming but it's like the temperature dropped suddenly overnight. Did the swords turn the heater on the night before? Maybe they did but it wasn't enough... because this morning, it's like waking up in an icebox instead of a home. They better hope that there's a sword around who knows how to adjust the heat or they're going to have to find other ways to keep warm until a modern adult comes home.

Gross. Maybe the swords were looking forward to snow but that's not happening. It started off as cold rain and then there was a slushy mix of ice and rain while they were coming in from the stables. Or maybe it's the sudden hail storm in the middle of the night that wakes you up and ruins winter for you. Either way, there's no doubt about it. Winter is here and if you're patient...

The first snow will come. When the swords wake up one morning, they can find everything covered snow. It's your first snow so don't be afraid.

And I mean cold season. It was never a problem before but now you have bodies and you need to take care of them. Try as you might, though, some things just can't be helped. It starts off with a scratch in the throat and then WHAM! You have chills but you're burning up, everything hurts, you smell like sickness, food tastes like muck, and even though you've been told you aren't dying it sure does feel like it.

With winter comes festivals and who wouldn't be excited?

If the swords can find a clearing in the woods, they can look down and see the little town at the foot at the mountain. What was once a dimly light town at night has suddenly brightened overnight. There are lights of all colors flashing and sometimes, on particularly quiet nights, you can hear laughter and music. What's it for? Hana will eventually explain Christmas. It's a very basic explanation she's remembered from school: A Christian holiday that has become popular in Japan. The best part is being with friends, eating together, and exchanging gifts. She'll explain the other curious customs like writing letters to Santa and what not so feel free to run wild.

And what about more traditional celebrations? The town is having a snow festival-- tiny snowmen and ice sculptures line the streets. It's very popular so people from all over the country are coming! Even weirdos from Tokyo........... in case anyone wants to take turns sneaking down.

The citadel is up and running so it's time to get out there and do some missions! While different teams head out to the frontline, you might be left behind wondering what else there is to do. Don't worry! There are still things to do on the homefront until your turn comes around .

A. Frontlines. The mission is easy: Seek and destroy. You know roughly where the enemy will be so it's only a matter of time until you sniff them out... hey, what's taking you so long? What do you mean you haven't found the enemy yet? Who let the blind grandpas scout? You've been running in circles and into dead ends all day.

B. Expeditions. You're in this for the long haul. Your mission is to go undercover and try to find out where and when the enemy will attack. You could be working for days, weeks, months, or even ye-- okay, this is a pretty easy mission so it shouldn't take that long. That said, how's your reconnaissance? If you're going to be living in this time for awhile, you should learn to dress up like the people... you know... fit in and not be so sword.

C. Neighborhood Welcome. There are some new neighbors at the citadel! They're very shy so it's hard to see them... but they aren't afraid to let themselves be known. It starts off innocent enough-- someone will throw a snowball at the window when no one is outside or a branch will suddenly drop piles of snow on top of you when you're out. But the pranks grow until suddenly, all of the snow on the roof is crashing in your direction. You open the door to go outside and you're completely snowed in.

Get to the bottom of any of these mishaps and you'll catch glimpses of what look like little bipedal snow rabbits causing mischief. They just want to have fun and don't appreciate being ignored. Engage in a snowball fight to the death to appease them. You'll know you've won because later that night you'll hear mysterious singing. A woman in white gathers up the smaller spirits and together, they sweep across the citadel, leaving a blanket of fresh snow and a blue teapot on the veranda with a note "to good health." Anything made in the pot is tastes perfect and is just the right temperature. The sick will recover faster and the healthy will feel warm and happy... are those cherry blossoms in the winter?

D. Let Them Eat Cake. For most of December, the swords will find fruit baskets and various slices of cake in different takeaway boxes. The fruit baskets are nothing special other than the fact they never stop coming but the cake comes with a note from the saniwa to help themselves and let her know which one is your favorite by sticking a note on the refrigerator (sticky notes provided for your use). Picking Christmas cakes is important work so stuff your faces.

You know what to do. Be a new arrival, come in for repairs, destroy a microwave, be a sword.

This is our second catch-all open post! Our next post will be a mini New Year Meme at the end of year.

Remember to read the information post for information on our setting and saniwa-chan. If you're interested in sticking around for some long-term character development, comment to the roster post. If you have any questions, let me know @ eski on plurk.
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Born from the flame and given life by a saniwa sage, you come into the world with your self introduction all ready to go. When it's all said and done, you finally take a look at your surroundings and… did someone actually summon you or did you wake up in an abandoned warehouse? This citadel is completely run down and in desperate need of some TLC… and help getting together. Did the saniwa actually summon you to help clean house?! Clean the floors, fix the shoji, exercise the spirits that have gotten a little too comfortable in the run down citadel, and find out which loser is going to have to clean the baths.

A new sword has arrived at the citadel. Are you getting the citadel ready for them? With enough swords in the citadel, it might be hard to figure out which room to fit their bed in. Or maybe you're the new arrival being greeted and touring your new home… it looks kind of run down, doesn't it? Or maybe you've come a little later in the month when things are mostly up and running. Anyway, happy birthday and everything so go make friends. Say hello!

It's hard starting off as a new sword army. You never seem to have enough resources and I'm not talking about coolant (though, forging all of those swords to help set up the citadel wasn't pretty costly). Fall is ending and winter is coming and that supply of blankets, heaters, and winter clothes hasn't come in yet. It's cold outside and you may have fixed it up but this citadel still isn't insulated. But hey, at least there's plenty of food… right?!

You're human now! Isn't that exciting? These new bodies come with a lot of responsibilities so you better learn how to take care of yourselves. Remember to eat when you're hungry, rest when you're tired, and drink when you're thirsty. Also, if something hurts then that probably means you should stop. Test your limits, learn new feelings, and try not to die.

It's been awhile since you guys were last out and about, right? There's a lot of catching up to do with history and technology. Did you know man can fly? And they've even flown all the way to the moon? No? Well, maybe you'll have better luck learning how things work around here. The technology is pretty out dated by the saniwa's standards (seriously, who still has landlines?) but that electric rice cooker is pretty high tech for the average sword! Maybe you're a fast learner, maybe you were around when the saniwa was able to teach you how to function in the kitchen, or maybe you're trying to figure out how many swords it takes to change a lightbulb.

The citadel was left alone for a long time before we showed up. Some of the spirits in the surrounding woods had gotten comfortable here. Most of them are pretty harmless nature spirits and have timidly retreated back into the forest but there are some more troublesome ones sneaking around. They're two-bit, lowlife spirits that tend to keep to the shadows or skulk right outside the citadel's perimeter but you should probably take care of them before they really start to cause trouble. You wouldn't want the spirit of that dirty cotton ball you found in storage to smother you in your sleep, right?

You've been on a few sorties and expeditions by now and with fixing up the citadel, it probably feels like you've been doing chores every day but there are also other things to do this month before the season ends. Next to the assignment board is a piece of paper tacked on the wall with a few extra assignments for all of you to try out.

A. HARVEST CHESTNUTS. Go into the woods and you'll find plenty of trees full of chestnuts. Take someone tall and strong harvest them by shaking trees and beating branches until the spiky cupules fall on the ground. For all of you tiny ones, too short to reach the branches, run along the ground and pick up as many chestnuts as you can. Bring them home and ask someone to make a delicious snack.

B. MOON VIEWING. We may have missed the actual day of the autumn moon... but autumn isn't over and the moon isn't going away anytime soon. The saniwa has brought some assorted snacks from the town and you can buy more at the general store. Stay up late after a hard day of work and watch the moon from the citadel's garden. Some say curious things happen when you watch the moon.

C. AUTUMN COLORS. Even though we missed the equinox, we're just in time to see the fall colors at their peak. The forest around the citadel is an autumnal rainbow. Relax under the falling leaves or collect a huge pile and watch someone jump into it. The air is crisp and clear but you can smell something smokey as someone grills/roasts traditional food on a small fire. Stuff yourself with fish, chestnuts, sweet potato, mushrooms, and more. You could even eat up some of those left over sweets from the late moon viewing.

D. CAMPING. TEAM BUILDING. Before it gets too cold, go camping! The saniwa has left a few camping sets in the room where they leave all of the extra things. the sleeping bags are warm and the tents... might be a little complicated to set up but it's going to be a lot of fun! If you plan on camping, please let the swords on cooking duty know ahead of time so they can pack you meals for 2-3 days and nights. Gather up your team and head out into the great wild! And try not to die alone. (An additional note is written at the end of this mission asking the attendant sword to please have search parties ready whenever a party is out).

You know what to do.

This is our first catch-all open post! I'm combining the first month with the fall catch-all.
Our next post will be the Winter Catch-All in mid-December. Remember to read the information post for information on our setting and kind saniwa-chan. If you're interested in sticking around for some long-term character development, comment to the roster post. If you have any questions, let me know @ eski on plurk.
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Multiples of the same character are allowed but ICly, there aren't multiples of swords running around. Instead, we'll just have alternate PSLs going on in the same PSL-verse.

Comment with your character journal and fill out the super easy form,

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[community profile] minutemen is a semi-open Touken Ranbu musebox maintained by [personal profile] eskimo. It's a place for my friends and me to play out a general PSL about a certain group of sword spirits at a certain citadel.

The idea is, a lot of us are doing a lot of meme and few-shot PSL but aren't able to carry a lot of our character development around because we're so scattered. So this is a place where we can have some consistent character development without actually being in a full game. No commitment, super chill, go at your own pace, but get to come back and keep all of your character development and relations.

The format here will consist of seasonal open posts with the occasional special meme and event in between.

There is an activity check but it's just a check in that will be held once every month or two to see if you're still interested in playing around! It's okay if you haven' posted in the last month or w/e. This is meant to be really chill while some of us are in games so just comment to let us know you're still interested.

Multiples are allowed because this is meant to be a low key, chillaxed structured musebox kind of deal.

This sandbox is semi-open which means it's open to all of my friends but if any of you have friends you want to invite, they're welcome to join. Membership isn't required to post so they can comment on the catch-all or roster posts. If I don't have their contact information though, it's on you to remind your friend when check-in's go up!

Generically located in the Japanese countryside, the citadel is situated in the mountains, isolated from much of the world. At the base of the citadel's particular mountain, there is a small town that isn't known for much besides farming. If the swords go to the right place on the mountain, they can see the fields during the day and the scattered lights at night.

Some times, locals will come hiking up the mountain or to visit a few shrines and temples further down the mountain but they never actually make it up to the citadel. There is a local bus that comes up the mountain a couple of times during the day but the actual bus stop is still a considerable walk from the citadel.

The citadel itself is a little run down due to being neglected for years until the swords moved in but they've managed to fix it up! It's very old and much more traditional which makes it easier for the swords to use but there are also some more modern amenities around like an old television or two and a landline phone. By 2205 standards, the place is ancient but by the swords standards, it probably feels very familiar with a few small differences.

Besides the secretary sword who is the designated leader when it comes to sorties, there's also an attendant sword who basically manages the citadel, the attendant is responsible for giving out the saniwa's orders and basically making sure the place doesn't implode while they're away. The attendant and secretaries change frequently depending on the needs, tasks, and availability of others at the citadel so everyone will have a chance to be one or the other at some point. Of course, if you play a more reliable sword, they'll probably be assigned the role more frequently than those that may or may not have destroyed the entire kitchen.

There are spirits in the forest around the citadel. Most of the spirits are harmless, especially near the citadel but if you go deep into the woods, you might run into a more powerful one or two. Think nature spirits and maybe the occasional small-time god. Most spirits will stay away from the citadel. It seems whatever keeps people away keeps them away too.

The saniwa is soon to be sixteen year old girl named Hana. She's a local from the nearby town. Her family manages a temple in the town and spiritual powers have run in her family for generations. In light of the war, she was recruited to become a saniwa sage and focused on her training. As a result, she's very behind in school.

A responsible, kind, and caring saniwa, she looks out for her sword army and makes sure they're taken care of. However, due to her other responsibilities as a student and the only child to her aging parents, she isn't always at the citadel. During the school year, she's away most weekdays though she makes sure to stop and check on the citadel once or twice a week and stay a few weekends. She's a busy girl so she relies on her secretaries and attendants to manage the citadel when she's away.

During vacation periods and holidays, she's at the citadel much more frequently and stays for several days at a time.

Basically, she's a pretty generic saniwa type that isn't always at the citadel. Feel free to reasonably assume anything about her.

played by [personal profile] 130